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Chlorine Dioxide Applications

Key Data

Chlorine dioxide is well suited for odor and hydrogen sulfide elimination in wastewater facilities, including lift stations. Unlike many alternatives, this strong and effective deodorizer and oxidant is not pH dependent for all the most necessary water treatment tasks. It performs well at lower doses and has faster reaction times than alternatives including hydrogen peroxide and chlorine, without the need for specialized equipment. Importantly, chlorine dioxide does not produce harmful by products such as trialomethanes (THMs) or form volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus maintaining a safer workplace while being easily incorporated into existing treatments. It does not affect composting activity, can also be used to destroy phenols (at a specific pH range), decreases corrosion, and ultimately reduces the costs of maintaining a safe and odor-free facility.

Prevents Occurrence of H2S

Chlorine dioxide rapidly oxidizes H2S in sour water streams before off-gassing occurs. Chlorine dioxide attacks the source, killing the sulfate reducing bacteria which are responsible for generating the H2S gas.

The Pharma Room’s proprietary product line is in full compliance with:

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • CHFA (Canadian Health & Food Administration)
  • CDSA (Controlled Drug & Substances Act)
  • FDR (Food & Drug Regulations Act)
  • NHPD (Natural Health Products Dept)
  • NCR (Narcotic Controlled Regulations)
  • ACMPR (Health Canada)
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • USGBC (United States Green Building Council)
  • CaGBC (Canadian Green Building Council)

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