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The Pharma Room: Surface Wash is just so versatile. It’s got amazing power, it’s economical, and it is environmentally safer than anything else. There’s nothing else on the market that can compete with this product.

At full strengths, other disinfecting products have strong chemical smells. Even at full strength, The Pharma Room: Surface wash has a light “spa-smell” that dissipates quickly. Keep in mind, most household sanitizing products are simply low concentrations of citrus, alcohol or hydrogen-peroxide, offering little to no actual killing ability when it comes to the pathogens that will actually get you sick. The Pharma Room: Surface Wash is a disinfectant that even when diluted 50:1 remains much more powerful than general sanitizers.

Whether you are disinfecting a home, vehicle or office space, The Pharma Room: Surface Wash is the ideal choice of product. It eliminates the source of the problem pathogen, and its ability to transfer to travel, all while doing far, far less harm to the environment than the competitive products. These qualities also make the product extremely effective for odor killing. The product has proven to be safe on soft surfaces as well, such as white clothing, drapes, bedding, curtains and carpets, leaving no stain or bi-products once the gas has dissipated from the liquid. It has also proven not to leave streaking or affect common household electronics like phones, kitchen & bathroom devices, TV’s, laptops, and chargers.

Producing over 6-log reductions, The Pharma Room: Surface Wash is extraordinarily effective against a host of harmful bugs. Compared to chlorine products, The Pharma Room: Surface Wash has nearly 3 times the oxidizing ability, a far wider pH spectrum, and remains user and environment friendly. Where chlorine, bleach, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia-based products are becoming known to mutate pathogens, creating more resilient strains, The Pharma Room: Surface Wash kills the pathogen in its entirety.

Unlike chlorine bleach and bromide, which make carcinogenic trihalomethanes that get washed down the drain and deposited in the environment, The Pharma Room: Surface Wash donates oxygen, breaking down to deionized water and oxygen. This makes it much less corrosive to household and office equipment and a superb environmental choice. It also breaks down quickly, which means it won’t harm the soil or add toxic deposits to the environment.


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