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A two-part, water-borne, VOC-compliant,
linear polyester polyurethane enamel.


A clear, fast- setting, two component, 100% solids polyaspartic coating specializing in providing a fast turn-around time during application.


A high build, two component, 100% solids epoxy coating system used for applications up to 20 mils and is capable of self-levelling and tinting.


An elastomeric, waterproofing membrane that is multi-use and extremely durable acrylic coating.

The Pharma Room in Action

The Pharma Room will build your business a mock-up that is tailor made to the wall system and substrate you need the Pharma Room coating system applied to. Request a corner cut-away on magnesium oxide board, concrete board, drywall/gypsum board, oriented strand board (OSB), plywood sheeting or another decorative panel or wall substrate.

Send us the building specs along with any special request details and our team will build you an amazing sales piece for your show-room and future projects.

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