Cooling Towers

Chlorine Dioxide Applications

Key Data

The continued efficacy of a cooling tower relies on maintaining a solid and microbial-free system. Bleach, bromine, and chlorine have all been utilized as oxidants in the treatment of industrial water, but their safety and practicality has not always proven ideal. Chlorine dioxide provides an alternative that requires less active chemical ingredients, while also being less corrosive (over 50% less!) and more environmentally friendly.

Better Microbiological Control

Microbial control is integral to the ongoing performance of industrial cooling water systems. Microbial growth can cause undesirable effects on heat exchange and “cooling tower fill,” while also adding to corrosion and the production of biofilms. In turn, these biofilms can create a protective barrier for Legionella and other bacteria. Unlike other disinfectants in its class, chlorine dioxide combats both culprits simultaneously. The biocidal effects of chlorine dioxide not only break down biofilms and microbial matter such as fungi, but eliminate the bacteria and viruses harboured among them, including Legionella.

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